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We believe

At Biogrape we produce wines that make us proud as producers, respecting the environment, caring for the land where we have our vineyards and intervening as little as possible in the cellar, to give consumers a natural product of great quality.


It’s in the vineyard that wine is made. The clay and limestone soil is fertilized with the broad beans, rye and oats that we plant between the lines. Pruning is done with great care and we permanently monitor the vineyard. The organic corridors of laurels, lavenders, pomegranates and strawberry-trees attract helping insects such as ladybugs, which help us control diseases and pests that may appear. By the end of the summer, if nature allows it, we will have our golden grapes, small and juicy, ready to be harvested into small boxes and taken to the cellar.


Our goal is to intervene as little as possible with our grapes. They are chosen at the entrance removing all that don’t meet the standards. Delicately crushed and squeezed, to extract all the aromas, color and flavor, but only to the point that allows us to have the highest quality of the must. Fermentation is made in stainless steel vats, at controlled temperature, so it is slow and magic happens. When we stop having juice and we start having wine, we keep it in stainless steel or wood where it ages until we think it’s time to be bottled.


After it’s bottled, it again rests for at least 4 to 6 months. Only then it is ready to be consumed. We make wines for those who have the same pleasure drinking them as we have producing them. We want you to feel them, to discover everything they have to offer, to share them with family and friends with a good meal, a more private moment or celebrating a special moment.


We are what we eat and drink. Therefore we must respect our body, making choices that make sense for our own well-being but also for Planet Earth’s well-being.
We believe that the land gives us back everything we give it and so we should treat it with respect. Only then it can produce superior quality products. For all this we believe that the future of agriculture lies in the past when we had a different relationship with the land that is the support of everything we produce.

Born in an “apart” land, this is the wine our vines gave us after much dedication. It grew in flavor and in a natural way in our cellar, with time and dedication.
It is a wine created with pleasure and to taste with pleasure. A different wine, because like each one of us, it is unique, it is… “À Parte”. In Portuguese, it means it is a special, different and separated from all others – Apart.



Bucelas is where we produce our white and sparkling wines.
Located north to Lisbon, in the Rio Trancão Valley, this Demarcated Region since 1911, produces unique wines and in small quantities, such as Carcavelos and Colares regions.
Clay and limestone soils produce white citrus-colored wines with a fruity flavor and aroma and a very proprietary acidity of the caste of choice in this region: Arinto. The sparkling wines, of superior quality, are golden yellow, with quite fruity and fresh aroma and flavor as well as a fine and persistent bubble.
Wine production in this region dates back to the Roman Era but international fame came after the Duke of Wellington discovered its quality during the Peninsular War (1808-1814). It was thanks to him that large amounts of wine began being exported to the UK, where it eventually became a fashionable drink, especially in London.

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Feels like: 21°C
Wind: 34km/h SSW
Humidity: 77%
Pressure: 1006.1mbar
UV index: 2
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Feels like: 23°C
Wind: 27km/h SSW
Humidity: 62%
Pressure: 1006.77mbar
UV index: 5


In the south of Évora area, one of the last sub-regions of DOC Alentejo to be constituted, near the village of Torre de Coelheiros, we find Vinea Maria’s 10 acres, in soils poor in granite, and in an area of strong thermal amplitudes, because it is located in a small valley. There we can only find red grape varieties: Aragonez, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet. Strong maturations give grapes a set of fresher and concentrated black fruit aromas and very round and silky tannins. Organic production gives them an elegant earthy tang. The very small productions always allow a huge consistency in quality.



THE red

The grapes are thoroughly selected during harvesting and while entering the cellar. Elegant, with a complex aromatic profile, unusual and challenging. It is an organic wine without complexes or commitments. Strong, dark-colored aged in French oak barrels, this wine longs to accompany a good meal.


Aragonez – Trincadeira – Alicante Bouschet.


Born on the south-facing slope with very marked thermal amplitudes (-2nd to +42) with poor soils which were fertilized in the early years of the vineyard, with broad beans, vetch, rye and oats, harvested in the spring and incorporated with soil. The typical grape variety of the region gives it a citrus color, fruity aroma and balanced acidity.


Arinto – Esgana Cão


Made with of selected lots of wine which have aged slowly and with time, until they reached the right point. Traditionally sparkled and with handmade processes, they have a golden yellow color, fruity flavor and aroma, fine, fresh and elegant bubbles.


Arinto – Esgana Cão


Mel is our mascot. She showed up frightened, malnourished and afraid of all human. With calm and affection we started gaining her trust, and she recovered her health and joy. Roaming freely through farm, but never ever passing the limits of the property. That’s where she’s happy. And so are we.

Quinta Casal da Cruz – Rua Casal da Cruz – 2670-678 Bucelas


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